The Vino Vargas collection of wines offers you a diverse selection of grape varietals that are well known around the world, yet sourced from select single vineyards in California. Each bottle of wine is meticulously handcrafted using only the best grapes. Vino Vargas wines are aromatic and tasty, with a fine balance of alcohol, tannins and acidity that allows you to pair them with your favorite foods. They are ready to drink now and will age gracefully in your cellar.

Enjoy the El Taxi Cabernet Sauvignon, which is reminiscent of the hearty styles of wines from the “left bank” within the Bordeaux region of France. El Taxi is a smooth, silky wine with mellow tannins, fruit forward aromas and a rich bouquet.

With the Rio Ruso Pinot Noir, you will experience this classic Burgundian varietal but with the unique and much coveted markers of the Russian River Valley appellation in Sonoma.

If you love Spanish varietals, then the Toro Tinto Tempranillo will take you to the land of tapas and paella, without leaving your home. It’s an aromatic wine with a light body and great mouth feel for drinking alone or with food.

Or, maybe you’re in the mood for a crisp white wine. Our Olé Chardonnay gives you a refreshing taste of pineapple and tropical fruit with just a hint of minerality reminiscent of the great French Chablis.

Our Del Sol Roussanne with it’s amazing honey, quince and apricot aromas will transport you to the South of France. And if you are looking for a Provence style Rosé try our Costa Rosa GSM Rosé

Salud! Enjoy Vino Vargas!

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