2016 Costa Rosa Rose

Relax by the pool or on your yacht with this refreshing GSM Rosé from the Paso Robles area.

Enjoy aromas of strawberry, raspberry, lavender and black olive. Savor a well-balanced crisp wine, slightly fruit forward with a touch of minerality. It pairs excellently with fruit, nuts, strong cheeses, lighter red meats, poultry and fish. Cheers!

Complacete con este refrescante Rosado hecho con uvas de Paso Robles. Disfruta aromas de fresa, frambuesa, lavanda y olivas negras. Prueba un vino refrescante, bien balanceado y afrutado con un toque de minerales. Hace excelente  maridaje con fruta , nueces, quesos fuertes, carnes ligeras, aves y pescado. Salud!



The wine name: Costa Rosa

Costa Rosa means “rose coast” in Spanish. This wine is meant to remind you of a warm day sitting perhaps on a Mediterranean beach, the Riviera Maya or anywhere in Hawaii. You can almost feel the sun on your face and smell the ocean breeze when you sip a chilled glass of this amazing rosé.

Appellation: Paso Robles

Paso Robles lies between San Francisco and Los Angeles and was voted 2013 wine region of the year by Wine Enthusiast Magazine. A long season of warm days and cool nights let the vines mature slowly and impart the grapes with maximum flavors, sugars, acids and the necessary components that make up this beautiful Vino Vargas wine.

Grape Varietal: Grenache 50%, Syrah 25%, Mourvedre 25%

Costa Rosa is a blend of three classic Rhone varietals: Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre also known collectively as GSM. Each grape provides a unique aroma, color and taste resulting in a luscious and refreshing wine that is ideal for the hot summer months.

Source: Single vineyard

This wine is made from grapes that were harvested by hand at the break of day. The grapes come from three individual vineyards with unique soils and microclimate to ensure maximum flavor, consistency and authenticity. The vineyards are located in the Paso Robles northeast and northwest areas.


Clear and crisp with a beautiful light salmon and peach color.


It has distinctive floral aromas and hints of strawberry, raspberry, lavender and black olive.


It is dry and crisp with berry fruit flavors. No malo-lactic fermentation and no oak aging were done.

Barrel: none

Costa Rosa was bottled directly from stainless steel to preserve the beautiful color and delicate aromas.


This is a delicious wine to serve fruits and strong cheeses. It goes great with lighter red meats, poultry and seafood.