This luscious Tempranillo wine is very food friendly and easy to drink.

Enjoy aromas of strawberry, raspberry, tobacco, and cedar. Well balanced with moderate tannins and acidity, it is a pleasure to drink with food or on its own. It pairs excellently with paella, pasta, tapas, sheep cheeses, lamb, fish and olives. Cheers!

Este delicioso vino Tempranillo es muy amigable con comida y fácil de beber. Disfruta aromas de fresa, tabaco, frambuesa y cedro. Bien balanceado con taninos y acidez moderados, es un placer con comida o solo. Hace excelente maridaje con paella, pastas, tapas, quesos de oveja, cordero, pescado y olivas. Salud!



The wine name: Toro Tinto

Toro means bull in Spanish.Tinto means red or dyed.Spain’s Rioja region is home to the Tempranillo grape, although in other regions it is known as Tinto de Toro, or Tinta de Toro. In honor of these ancient names and of the many courageous Spanish bulls we simply called it Toro Tinto.

Appellation: Clements Hill, Lodi

A sub region of the popular Lodi AVA, this area has a micro climate that is perfect for Tempranillo and reminiscent of the Rioja area in Spain. During the day, temperatures rise for maximum sugar accumulation. At night, the temperature falls and light breezes from the nearby Mokelumne River cool the vines. This well balanced weather and fertile land let the vines mature slowly and impart the grapes with maximum flavors, sugars, acids and the necessary components that make up this beautiful Vino Vargas wine.

Grape Varietal: Tempranillo

Tempranillo is the classic red grape of Spain’s Rioja region. It was introduced to the new world by the conquistadors and brought to California by the Spanish monks. Toro Tinto is a medium bodied wine not unlike Pinot Noir.

Source: Single vineyard

This wine is made from grapes that were harvested by hand at the break of day. The grapes come from a single vineyard to ensure maximum flavor, consistency and authenticity.


Deep red color reminiscent of strawberry and pomegranate.


It has distinctive aromas of strawberry, raspberry, tobacco and cedar.


Dry with balanced fruit, acidity, tannins and overall smooth silky mouth feel.

Barrel: New French Oak, 30%

Toro Tinto was aged in wooden barrels and monitored closely to impart a 30% new French oak taste. This foundation gives the wine a luscious blend of spice, vanilla and slight char.


This is a delicious wine to serve with paella, pasta or rice dishes. It goes great with appetizers like sheep cheeses and green or dark olives. Toro Tinto is a perfect wine to serve with lamb dishes.

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