2016 Oro

A late harvest style wine that everyone is early to taste!

Aromas of pineapple and tropical fruit compote with a hint of cinnamon and brown sugar prepare your taste buds for those flavors and a nice late harvest finish. This full-bodied white dessert wine is made in the traditional port style by fortifying the must with high quality brandy at just the right time during fermentation. The result is a well-balanced combination of acidity and sweetness that won’t weigh down your palate like a syrup. You can sip this wonderful concoction on it’s own or pair it with dessert. We like it with flan but it’s also likely to work with any number of other sweet offerings or lighter cheeses.

Aromas de piña y coctel de fruta tropical con un toque de canela y piloncillo preparan el paladar para esos sabores. Este vino de postre es robusto y hecho en el estilo tradicional de Oporto. Al momento en que el mosto tiene la cantidad de azúcar necesaria, se le agrega brandy de alta calidad. El resultado es un vino bien balanceado con una combinación de dulcura y acidez que es deliciosa pero no empalagosa. Este vino es un deleite solo o acompañado con un postre. Hace buen maridaje con flan o un buen queso añejo.



The wine name: Oro

Oro means gold in Spanish and you’ll think you hit the motherlode when you try this delicious white dessert wine. This dessert wine is made in the traditional port style by fortifying the must with high quality brandy at just the right time during fermentation. This ensures a well-balanced combination of acidity and sweetness.

Appellation: Paso Robles

Paso Robles is located between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The most popular wine region in the Central Coast it is home to wineries and wine growers that specialize in a multitude of varietals. Its various microclimates provide ample areas to grow many of the most popular grapes in the wine industry.

Grape Varietal: Chardonnay

Chardonnay is the classic white grape and wine originally from Burgandy France. Chardonnay is the grape used in the classic French Chablis and is one of the components of Champagne. In the US it grows well in warm to hot temperatures like Paso Robles and achieves the perfect sugar and acid content at maturity.

Source: Single vineyard

This wine is made from grapes that were harvested by hand at the break of day. The grapes come from a single vineyard on the West side of Paso near San Miguel to ensure maximum flavor, consistency and authenticity.


Golden and straw in color.


Tropical aromas like pineapple, apple and a hint of brown sugar and cinnamon.


Full and luscious with pineapple, apple flavors, with a silky-smooth finish.

100% Stainless Steel

Oro was made in stainless steel and is reminiscent of a late harvest wine that is ready to drink.


Serve this chilled! The wine pairs excellently with white chocolate, cheeses, custards, ice cream or on its own as an aperitif.

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